The only thing you will find in our stock is high-grade used cars. Each goes through a careful and comprehensive selection process before we can offer it to you for sale. This is because we pride ourselves in quality, and we will never compromise this ideal for anything, not even profit. We have used cars from different brands such as Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Lexus, Honda, Hyundai, and many others.

We understand that the major reason you are buying a used car instead of a new one is that you are working within a budget. So, we ensure that you get quality without exceeding your budget. If you don’t have a specific car in mind before walking into our dealership, our staff are there to give you recommendations on the best car to buy based on your budget, driving habits, and the purpose of the car. When all these have been adequately considered, you don’t have to worry about getting a car not suited to your needs.

Our used cars are the best in the market for many reasons, these include

  • We usually stock only low mileage cars that have not seen too much use and wear.
  • Our team tests each car on different road conditions such as in-traffic, highways, hills, etc.
  • We inspect the car for any fault; the inspection is a thorough process where both the interior upholstery and the exterior body are checked. The engine is examined, and we ensure that everything from tyres to brake lights is fully functioning.
  • We repair minor faults found in the car to ensure it is in top shape and any car with a major fault or recurring technical problem is never included in our stock.
  • We recondition our used cars based on your preferences.
  • All maintenance records of the car are presented to you, so you know every technical detail necessary.
  • You can bring in your mechanic to further inspect the car, and we let you take it for a test drive before we close the deal.
  • Each used car comes with a buyer’s guide that explains to you in detail about the car such as its electrical and mechanical systems and the issues you should look out for, and other relevant information.
  • Our used cars come with a warranty on them, and the type and percentage of repairs that we would cover under this warranty are fully explained in the buyer’s guide.

With all these, buying a used car from us means you run no risk of any regrets on your investment. Our cars meet any the stipulated standards in quality.

To cap it all, our used cars are very affordable. We know you are working with a limited budget, and this budget restraint is considered when we are finding the right car for you. At All American Autotech, customer satisfaction is as important as making profits, so we give you the best deal for your money worth.

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