Accident happens, and sometimes, they leave your car in a very terrible condition where fixing looks almost impossible. At All Americans Autotech, nothing is impossible. We understand that your car is a huge investment selected not just for the great engine but also its aesthetic build, so we are committed to helping you restore the car to the original factory-build and finish. We fix all types of damage on your car body from the front end and bumper, roof, sides, rear end and bumper. We completely overhaul your car body to restore its old glory, and once we are done, it would look as if it was never in a crash.

Our smash repair service is a detailed one involving lots of processes to arrive at the perfect old fit. It is in the following stages:

  • Assessment of Vehicle: Once your damaged car is towed into our repair shop, the first thing we do is assess the extent of the damage to it. This is essential so that we would know exactly what to repair and the cost of repairs. For proper assessment, the car is usually disassembled so that both the obvious cosmetic damages and the hidden ones can be properly identified. Disassembling the car helps us to get the accurate quotation and avoid a situation where you have to pay more than our first quote or where the car is not restored completely to the state it was before the accident. While we may give approximate quotes online, it is only after physical vehicle assessment and questions that we can give an exact quote.
  • Analysis of the damage: Proper inspection and analysis of your car help us to analyse the extent of damage to the vehicle. It is at this stage that we explain what needs to be done to put your vehicle back in its former state and a comprehensive repair plan is drafted which includes the spare parts that would be needed for the restoration. This plan is presented to you and your insurance firm.
  • Body Work: This stage focuses on restoring your vehicle’s bodywork to the original state it was when it left the manufacturer. It is a significant stage, and our team ensures that they are exact in the restoration, not only because of the aesthetics of your car but also to ensure its structural integrity. While most people think that a smashed car cannot go back to its old state, we don’t.
  • Repainting and Refinishing: Once the bodywork has been done, your car is repainted and finished using quality paints and coats similar to the ones used by the manufacturer. All trim elements of your vehicle are removed, and after the painting and spraying, the body is polished so that both the damaged and undamaged part match each other.
  • Reassembly and detailing: All the parts ate Reassembled and aligned before being inspected to make sure the repairs are invisible. Your car is then assessed to make sure the repairs and finishes are of quality, and your car is ready to get back on the road.

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