All American Autotech is a Brisbane based automobile service company that sells used trucks and provide Smash repairs and maintenance services for all brands of vehicles. We also link our clients with major lenders to get finance for their car purchases and insurance companies for the right coverage on your vehicle. While we operate from Brisbane, our network is nationwide, and you can access our services from any part of Australia by contacting us through phone or email.

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative products and services in all automobile-related sectors.

We are specialist in all matters related to the automobile industry and supply all types of used vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, special edition vehicles, pickup trucks, etc. You will find used vehicles of all prices ranging from premium luxury cars to low budget options. The process our used vehicles go through before being sold ensures that you only get the best cars to meet your driving needs.


Our business is a goal-oriented, and our goals are centred around, giving our customer value for their money. They include:

  • To ensure fair dealings and honest relationship in all our transactions with our customers
  • To create a conducive work environment where human relations and technological advancements are combined to enhance service delivery
  • To generate a high level of loyalty in our customers due to superb business practices and services.

Why You Should Patronise Us

Working with us comes with multiple benefits which are why most of our clients are repeat customers who gave us a try and didn’t regrets. We add value to you and your business in different ways which include:

  • Comprehensive Service Offer: We can be the solution to all your automobile problems. We offer different services which seek to make your acquisition, use, and enjoyments possible. Starting from the selling of quality used vehicles, we ensure you get the best in the market, and we are confident in our products enough to give you a warranty on them. If you don’t have the capital to get your car, we can also help you secure the financing to complete the purchase and match you with the right insurance company to make sure your investment is protected. Our maintenance and repairs service exists to help you enjoy your car and prevent any mechanical issue that could make that impossible. In case of accidents where your car is badly damaged, our smash repairs services are there to restore your car to its original form and make it brand new, and if your car ever breaks down, you can always call on our towing services to rescue you and your vehicle.
  • Affordable Fee Structure: Our relationship with our clients is for life. We are passionate about converting them into loyalists, and this reflects in the competitive fees for our services and the option of structuring payment based on the customer’s convenience. This is why most of our first-time customers end up coming back because they can’t get that quality at such price somewhere else.

Contact us today to get started; we are excited to hear from you.