8 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

Damage to car paints is an eyesore with lots of consequences if not quickly attended to. It drives the resale value of the car low and can cause rusting if not fixed on time. Unfortunately, this damage is very common, and you may not even notice how it happened, you could just be cleaning your car one morning and discover there’s a problem with the paint of your car bumper. One of the best ways to fix a problem is to prevent it. So we discuss the common causes of car paint damage so you can watch out for them.

  1. Weather: the weather can have a severe effect on the integrity of your car paint. In the winter, the snow and sleet can have a permanent damaging effect on the paint, and when there is rain, the minerals in the water can form water spots on your car that may be hard to remove. You may think winter is bad for your car paint, but summer isn’t so good either. Continuous exposure of your car to the sun would also cause the paint to fade. Thus, it is always advisable to keep your car protected from natural elements no matter the weather.
  2. Abrasive Cleaners: Using a hard brush or scraper to clean your car will definitely scratch the paint. Also, using detergent to wash your car could damage the protective sealant and expose the paintwork to damage. So ensure you use soft brush and clothes to wash your car.
  3. Fuel stains: The stains of diesel, petrol, and oil can also leave permanent damage on your car paintwork. They also cause the paint to peel off. So, ensure you wipe clean any spillage and fix all the leakages to protect your car paint.
  4. Concrete: Leaving your car near a construction site is a bad idea altogether. There is the risk of wet concrete hitting your car and if that happens and the concrete is left to dry off, dents and scratches are unavoidable.
  5. Stones: pebbles and small stones cause dents and scratches on the car paint, especially on the bumper and bonnet. This usually happens due to the high speed with which these stones hit the car body after being flicked by tyres.
  6. Bird droppings: these can happen anywhere, and when these droppings fall on the car, it can have an adverse effect due to the acidity of the droppings which eats into the paint and leave patches. So if a bird dropping falls on your car, better stop and wipe it off immediately.
  7. Fingerprints and hand: If you have little children, you already know how much they like rubbing the car body with their hands, regardless of whether it is dirty or not. Such could leave scratch and blemishes on the paint in most cases.
  8. Dirty cleaning clothes: Improper cleaning of your car also cause damage to the paint. A dirty clothe usually have dirty particles that will scratch your paint.

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