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All American Autotech

We pride ourselves in providing excellent services in all areas, and our client can vouch for this

All American Autotech is an Australian car dealership. Located in Brisbane, we supply quality used cars to our clients and also provide other automobile services such as maintenance, repairs, emergency towing and helping you find the right finance for your automobile purchase. We pride ourselves in providing excellent services in all areas, and our client can vouch for this.

What We Do

At All American Autotech, we provide a couple of services aimed at helping you enjoy your car. Whether you own a car already or you are planning to buy one, it is not just a luxury but also a responsibility. We help you shoulder those responsibilities that come with owning a car.

Our services include:

Used Cars

We supply quality used cars sourced from both commercial and private sellers. When people buy used cars, one of the things they usually worry about is the risk involved, and who can blame them. Many have heard or seen their friends buy used cars that start developing faults immediately; it leaves the dealership. At All American Autotech, our used cars are different. Their quality is not compromised by the fact that they are not new, and they are not all glittering body with a faulty engine either. Our used cars are adequately inspected, repaired, and reconditioned, before we supply them to you. So you can be assured that nothing goes wrong, and if something does, you have a warranty.

Mechanical Services

Humans need love and attention, the love and attention that your car needs are proper servicing and maintenance. At All American Autotech, we have a standby team available to provide you with all the forms of mechanical services you need. We perform routine servicing to ensure your car is in good order and fix everything fixable in your vehicle before you put it back on the road.

Smash Repair

Accident happens, and there are times such accident leaves the car in a terrible shape that it looks more like it should be sent to a scrap yard instead of a mechanic yard. We have qualified staff who will help you restore your car into its previous condition and repaint it to give it a brand new look after all the restorations.


Have you ever tried to get a car loan from your bank? If you have, you know how tedious the entire process can be. There are so many forms to fill, so many offices to enter, and documents to submit. We can simplify the process for you and remove all the stress that has made you think twice about using financing to get your used car.


Insurance is usually a legal obligation when you buy a car. We can help you find the best coverage for your car that ensures in case of accidents or any damage; you are free of any financial liabilities.

Emergency 24/7 Towing

No one likes being stranded, especially not in the middle of nowhere. But there are times when the car acts up, or a tyre deflates. In those dire times, we are available to help you tow your car and save you the anguish.